”Sculpting Time” – Workshop with Danza Teatro Retazos

En workshop för professionella scenkonstnärer och musiker som undersöker det urbana rummet som scen för kreativa processer, interaktion mellan olika konstformer och nya sätt att möta publik. Det kubanska danskompaniet Danza Teatro Retazos och Memory Wax leder tillsammans workshopen och båda grupperna har gedigen erfarenhet av utomhusproduktioner och platsspecifika verk. Workshopen sker på engelska.

Tid: lördag 15 juni och söndag 16 juni 2013 10.00-17.00
Plats: Barnens Scen och utomhus i Folkets Park, Malmö. Adress: Barnens Scen, Falsterbogatan 17, Malmö
Kostnad: gratis
Anmälan sker senast 29 maj genom Kulturkraft Syd. I mån av plats kan anmälan ske även efter 29 maj, då till producent@memorywax.com
Kontakt och frågor: producent@memorywax.com, 0704-928030

More detailed info, in english:

Sculpting Time is a workshop for professional stage artists that aims to explore urban spaces as alternative stages where various art forms interact in a common creative process.

The poetic transformation of space and the contact of different art forms and broader audiences is the focus of this workshop. Artists from different disciplines will confront own ideas, methods and experiences through discussions and hands on collaborations.

Retazos Dance Theater is a contemporary dance company from Havana Cuba with more than 20 years of experience in outdoor productions and arrangements in Havana. They arrange the festival “Habana Vieja; Ciudad en Movimiento” and also have created a numbers of site specific works in collaboration with important Cuban artists like the painter Manuel Mendive.

Retazos is now developing a cultural exchange project together with Memory Wax from Malmö to promote international cultural exchanges and collaborations in Cuba and Sweden. This workshop will contribute to support and spread this initiative making it more visible and relevant to our community here in Skåne.

We talk about four key steps in the workshop:

1) Understanding the elements (the spaces, the art forms, the communication with the audience in outdoors settings) involved in the workshops, sharing of earlier experiences and common interests.

2) Explore the creative possibilities of the collaborative processes and the potential of the specific elements and resources at hand.

3) Develop dialogue between the different art forms.

4) Create a work which investigate and integrates the creative potential of these elements mentioned above.


a) Open up new creative possibilities for interaction among audiences and artists

b) Explore collaborative, multidisciplinary processes as challenging and inspiring creative experiences.

c) Develop a joint work inspired on the use of alternative spaces that support personal and creative development of all participants.

d) The multiple ways of looking at the architectural space through conceptual proposals in various artistic dialogue with the ephemeral.

The workshop will be held in english.

Dates & times:
15th of June 2013 10.00-16.00, lunch break 13.00-14.00
16th of June 2013 10.00-17.00, lunch break 13.00-14.00

The workshop will be divided in warm up, try outs in groups and dicussions.

Barnens Scen and outside in Folkets Park Malmö
Adress: Barnens Scen, Falsterbogatan 17, Malmö

Target Group:

The workshop is directed to choreographers, dancers, musicians and artists with an interest for site specific collaborations. Max 6 choreographers, 9 musicians, 12 dancers.

Practical info:

There are several places to have lunch near by Folkets Park. There is also a kitchen at Barnens Scen where you can warm up and eat lunch that you bring with you.
The workshop will provide coffee & tea.
There is changing rooms at Barnens scen that you can use.

Cost: no fee

Registration: You will register latest on the 29th of March through Kulturkraft Syd. After the 29th of June you can turn directly to Memory Wax and check if there are still places left producent@memorywax.com

Contact about the workshop:

Miguel Azcue, konstnärligt ansvarig +46 (0)704-928178
Alexandra Hill, producent +46 (0)704-928030
(Between 16th -28th of May it will be hard to reach us because we will be in Cuba, but we will read mail every now and then).

In cooperation with Danza Teatro Retazos, Europe Aid and Kulturkraft Syd

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