CLAROSCURO (2016) for children 3-6 years old

Claroscuro is a dance performance curiously investigating shapes, fantasy and the contrast between light and darkness.

Can we see light and colors even when we close our eyes? Does objects and color appear differently in another light? Join our exploration celebrating curiosity, the secrets of ordinary objects and the power of change – where something comes to an end something else begins.

ABC (2010) for children 3-8 years old

“Memory Wax captures the audience with their strong presence and their clever, visual language…”

Welcome to an imaginative journey through letter land in a show that celebrates the curiosity and desire for discovery.

SHADOWLANDS (2008) for children 5-9 years old

“The members of Memory Wax have created an intimate performance with a lot of heart and soul.”

Welcome to a magical dance performance for everybody from 5 years old. In this piece you accompany us on a journey through shadow land. A landscape in constant change where three characters are walking searching for their dreams. In a playful, visual and moving way we put fantasy in focus, an experience for the eye as well as the soul.


BREATHE (2017)

To start over, unveil and stay in what is. In a sincere dialogue between introvert and extrovert, motion and silence Breathe (Andas) approaches unspoken secrets. Thoughts and memories create poetic stringency in persistently changing landscapes, in a constantly changing existence.

The performance is created with the inspiration from Ingmar Bergman’s cinematic universe.


A vivid production for eight artists about the need to belong and be part of a community in a world of individuality and a desire for freedom.

In this unique danceperformance Memory Wax from Sweden and Danza Teatro Retazos from Cuba explore dreams and the significance of feeling free, despite the need of belonging and community. With contemporary dance as a base combined with elements of pantomime, hip hop and folklore we create contrasting characters. Everyday scenes are enhanced in a constantly changing dream world where memories and desires are intertwined. Crisálida is a performance about belonging and identity portrayed with humor and poetry.


Possible Impossible takes off from a landscape where the known laws of time, space and power have ceased to exist. Imagine an associative world of magic, dreams and absurd impressions – where one dream relieves the next, and you fall, fly and balance between reality and fantasy. In this surprising world of dreams the door opens to other universes, where the mind is free and the impossible becomes possible.

Memory Wax Dance Company est. 2004, Malmö, Sweden

Artistic directors: Johanna Jonasson & Miguel Azcue

With support by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne and City of Malmö.

…Crisálida is an artistic hit review of Crisálida in Skånska Dagbladet

“A fenomenal piece that explore bounderies” review of Possible Impossible in Sydsvenska dagbladet

“Malmö-based Memory Wax succeeds extraordinarily well with their first children performance.” review of Shadowlands in Sydsvenska dagbladet

“Memory Wax captures the audience with their strong presence and their clever, visual language…” review of ABC in Sydsvenska dagbladet

Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language. Through simplicity we experience and develop movement and ideas in a new perspective.

Memory Wax repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults. The pieces have been presented nationally and internationally in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Cuba.