Shapes – life in a blink of an eye

Shapes is a multifaceted performance about how the moments in life shifts, revealing the contradictory need in mankind of both belonging and freedom. Its a poetic piece exploring the relationships between shapes and concepts to identify patterns, finding meaning and create relations.   Shapes challenge the idea about us and them by molding the common existential need to form your own journey and acknowledge your narrative.

The intimate interplay and unaffected motions between the dancers creates an engaging performance.

We have had an international collaboration with the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos since 2006. Together we utilize our company’s cultural and geographical differences using the astonishing ability to communicate the global language of motion and dance – celebrating the human paradox in its state of being and the uncharted future.

Shapes is the third major production we made together with Danza Teatro Retazos and it had its premiere in Havanna 2018.

The year after, in 2019 we celebrated 15th anniversary as a dance company and as a apart of the jubilee we toured with Shapes in Sweden in collaboration with Riksteatern Skåne, Skånes Dansnoder Kommunsamverkan, Riksteatern Östergötland and DANSISTAN in Stockholm.

During the tour we had the opportunity to do workshops with the audience. Shapes was also shown as a school performance for youngsters from age of thirteen.

During fall 2021 Shapes is touring with Dansnät Sverige.

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne and the City of Malmö.