About us

Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language.

Memory Wax was founded 2004 by Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson and has its base in Malmö, Sweden. Through simplicity we experience and develop movement and ideas in a new perspective.

Memory Wax repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults. The pieces have been presented nationally and internationally in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Cuba. Memory Wax also focus on finding new and open platforms for meetings between the audience and dance. This meeting reflects in the company’s own creations and arranging of site specific events in collaboration with artists, networks and cultural exchanges.

Memory Wax is supported yearly by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne and the City of Malmö.


Johanna Jonasson

Artistic Director, choreographer and dancer

Miguel Azcue

Artistic Director and choreographer

Emily Wilson

Head of production

Daniel Staley

Actor/dancer and workshopleader

Dancing in Inside Out, Shadowlands and ABC

Jonas Örknér


Dancing in Inside Out

Rumiko Otsuka


Dancing in ABC and Shadowlands

Pietro la loggia


Dancing in ABC

Danys Barrera Gonzalez


Participates in Playground

Johannes Burström

Composer and musician