Trash – a world of possibilities focusing on creativity and recycling

Here, broken pieces and forgotten things become alive and functional again. Trash is a world of opportunities just waiting to be discovered – a performance of ​​all those things hiding under the surface, maybe forgotten. It’s an evocative journey with three friends creating their own imaginative landscapes of what people think is junk or nothing.

The performance emerged from research work and workshops with children and adults in Havana, Cuba, and schools in Genarp, Lund, Södra Sandby and Veberöd in Sweden. It was developed n collaboration with the School of Arts in Lund, Lund’s Municipality and dance company Danza Teatro Retazos in Cuba.

Trash creates a dialogue about garbage and recycling. With the audience’s perceptions and interpretations, the dialogue continued at home or school in a creative and educational way. A teacher’s guide is available.

Supported by the Municipality of Lund, Malmö Culture Committee, Region Skåne, The Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.