Tránsitos Habana – Cultural Exchange

Tránsitos Habana – Scandinavian Cultural Days takes place in Havana, Cuba. It is a biennal where artists from Scandinavia and Cuba present their work through performances, workshops, showcase, exhibitions and lectures.

The goal is to focus and develop continuous cultural exchanges between Cuban and Scandinavian artists in the area of visual arts, film, performing arts and music. The festival reaches a wide audience, both children and adults, with its performances and different activities.

Tránsitos Habana is organized in collaboration between Memory Wax and the cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos. Tránsitos Habana was one of the various activities included in our EU project Retazos Evoluciona-Reach Out OverSeas 2012-2015.

Tránsitos Habana is presented at the stage of Danza Teatro Retazos; Las Carolinas, Fabrica de Arte Cubano, schools and on rooftops, streets and squares in old Havana.

2024 – in collaboration with ASSITEJ World Congress and Young Dance Network
May 25 – June 1 it´s time! We present the 9th edition of Tránsitos Habana – Scandinavian Culture Days. This year in collaboration with ASSITEJ World Congress and Young Dance Network. Tránsitos Habana will host activities in ASSITEJ’s official program as well as presenting our own program. The program includes workshops, performances, meetings and talks about international festivals and collaborations, as well as family activities with participating artists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Croatia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

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2022 – The Family in focus
The program started with collaborations and workshops out in the streets and schools of old Havana with artists from Scandinavia and Cuba. The week ended with performances and activities for the whole family. The Swedish Embassy supported the festival with two exhibitions, Swedish Dads – Cuban Dads with photographs by Johan Bävman (Sweden) and Néstor Martí (Cuba) and Pippa Mediaslargas – an exhibition with the legendary Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren’s work.

2019 – Children and youth in focus
2019 was the first year that we focused entirely on culture for children and young people. Memory Wax and Danza Teatro Retazos also invited choreographer Claire Parsons to a residency. It became the first Swedish dance residency to be arranged in Cuba supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Dance Program