Tránsitos Habana

Tránsitos Habana – Scandinavian Cultural Days in Havana, Cuba

Tránsitos Habana – Scandinavian Cultural Days takes place in Havana, Cuba. It is a biennal where artists from Scandinavia present their work through performances, workshops, showcase, exhibitions and lectures. The goal is to focus and develop continuous cultural exchanges between Cuban and Scandinavian artists in the area of visual arts, film, performing arts and music. The festival reaches an wide audience, both children and adults, with its performances and different activities. Tránsitos Habana is organized in collaboration between Memory Wax and the dance company Danza Teatro Retazos. Tránsitos Habana is one of the various activities included in our EU project Retazos Evoluciona-Reach Out OverSeas.

Tránsitos Habana was presented at the stage of Danza Teatro Retazos; Las Carolinas, Fabrica de Arte Cubano and on rooftops, streets and squares in old Havana.

2022 – 8th edition of Tránsitos Habana

Finally, it’s time for the festival again, 23-29th of May 2022, after a break due to the pandemic. We start the program with collaborations and workshops in schools in old Havana with artists from Scandinavia and Cuba and end the week with performances and activities for the whole family. On the 27th, there will be an inauguration ceremony with the two photo exhibitions provided by the Swedish Embassy, which also supports this festival.

2019 – Children and youth in focus

Participants in 2019 were Claire Parsons Co. (SE) with the performance Marmelade, Aaben Dans (DK) with the performance Arms & Legs, Ingrid Fransson from Bibu – Performing arts biennial for children and youth, Alexandra Hill from Malmö Stadsteater and Bengt Andersson from Riksteatern together with the Cuban groups La Proa, La Colmenita, El Arca, Cuerpo Fusion, Gretzy and Las Estaciones. Memory Wax and Danza Teatro Retazos presented the collabaration and the performance Shapes.

Memory Wax and Danza Teatro Retazos invited the choreographer Claire Parsons to work in residency. This was a pilot and the first Swedish dance residency supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Dance Program to be arranged in Cuba. During the residency choreographer Claire Parsons together with her scenographer Anna Nyberg and the dancers of Danza Teatro Retazos explored ways of working with involving the audience.