Rooms, dreams and memories – how we frame ourselves or open doors to new possibilities.

The solo performance Rooms marks the fifth anniversary of Memory Wax. In Rooms, Memory Wax is taking their quiet, cinematic and distinctive expression further to another level. Rooms is a performance about how we create our own inner and outer rooms because of our need for control, in which the body acts like a seismograph of emotions. In a dynamic play between light and darkness, sound and space, the dancer Miguel Azcue evokes a flowing physical and existential meditation on life – a negotiation between our inner and outer unpredictability. Where are the limits between “I” and my surroundings?

In the spring of 2011, Memory Wax toured around Sweden, in cooperation with The Touring Circuit Three Venues, to Dansstationen in Malmö, Atalante in Gothenburg and Moderna Dans Teatern in Stockholm. In the same year, Rooms was presented at Scandinavia House in New York/the US and in the House of Sweden in Washington DC/the US, in collaboration with Music Doc. Rooms also played in the theater Las Carolinas in Havana/Cuba.

In autumn 2013, Memory Wax made a tour in cooperation with Vass-scenkonst som vågar! to four towns/cities in Skåne, with a whole evening containing two solo performances; Still Shivering and Rooms. Both performances elaborate with intimate questions concerning the individual and together they provide a good insight into Memory Wax stage language, their evocative and poetic but also unexpected expressions. The tour began in Simrishamn and then continued to Lund, Landskrona and Kristianstad. Each evening ended with an audience conversation.

Rooms was supported by Dansstationen, Malmö Culture Committee, Region Skåne, The Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
A special thanks to Skånes Dansteater for the residency during the creation process.