Shapes – life in a blink of an eye

Shapes is a collaboration between Memory Wax and the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos. Shapes celebrates the meeting between people as a unique and valuable event. A poetic work that explores the relationship between form and content to identify patterns, find meaning and create relationships. Life in a blink of an eye and its inevitable transformation into something else – forms that constantly change shape. How do we affect people when we all need both belonging and freedom?

In 2019, we celebrate our 15th anniversary. International cooperations are a fundamental part of our organization and the special relationship with Danza Teatro Retazos has since 2012 led to several coproductions and coorganizing festivals in Cuba and Sweden. In 2014, the first co-production – Possible Impossible – was created and in 2016 the second – Crisálida. Works that have been on tour with Dansnät Sweden and in Skåne with Vass – performing arts that dare and internationally to Canada, Cuba, the UK and Uruguay. We are now celebrating our anniversary with the Swedish premiere of our third coproduction Shapes at Lunds Stadsteater on the 4th of September. The tour continued to Malmö, Kristianstad, Ystad, Stockholm, Motala, Mjölby, Norrköping and Finspång.

With this tour we also gave 18 workshops together with different interested groups in south of Sweden. An exciting and evolving way to meet new audience groups who get to try out how we work with dance.

The Swedentour and workshops in 2019 was made in collaboration with; in the Scaniaregion – Riksteatern Skåne together with Skånes Dansnoder (municipalities in collaboration for dance), in Östergötland – Riksteatern Östergötland and in Stockholm – DANSISTAN

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne and the City of Malmö.