Retazos Evoluciona

Retazos Evoluciona – Reach Out OverSeas where dance, art, music and the focus on exchange contribute to the sociocultural transformation

Retazos Evoluciona – Reach Out OverSeas, was a 3 year international cultural project, supported by the EU within the program Europe Aid. The goal of the project was to develop a stable base for a recurring professional international exchange between Cuba and Sweden. The project’s main objective was to strengthen the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos infrastructure and to create a cultural platform, in close cooperation and exchange of expertise with Scandinavian artist and organisations.

Danza Teatro Retazos
Memory Wax has been collaborating with the Cuban dance company Retazos since 2006. The projects have had different focus as guest performances and workshops for children and youth. For more than 20 years, Retazos has contributed to several exciting platforms for the modern dance of Cuban society. Such as the international well known outdoor festival in Havana, Habana Vieja – Ciudad en Movimiento with more than 1 000 participating artists each year. The festival DVDANZA presenting new dance films and Impulsos a festival for young choreographers. Retazos also creates their own dance pieces. In addition Retazos conducts an extensive social work with children and young people in the older parts of Havana which positions them in a key role artistically and pedagogically.

Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (Cooperation and Development) is a Portuguese non-governmental organization whose goal is worldwide development. They work with communities in the poorest regions and countries regardless of their geographical location. They join forces and share responsibilities with the different social players to facilitate solutions aimed to contribute to the sociocultural transformation, in this project, through art, giving visibility to the aspect of gender.

The initiatives in this project have resulted in:

  1. Strengthening the infrastructure of Danza Teatro Retazos trough education, team and capacity building, developing organization and cultural management and equipping their theater.
  2. 4 editions of the cultural exchange platform between Cuban and Scandinavian artists; Transitos Habana – Scandinavian Cultural days were presented.
  3. The creation of three new dance performances in Cuba and Sweden: Parc in Motion 2013, Possible Impossible 2014 and Crisálida 2015.

These actions have not only enabled the creation and development of the organization and cultural management capabilities that ensure functional transition and sustainability to Danza Teatro Retazos, but have also allowed new artistic products and spaces for exchange to flourish, reinforcing its community action. From a participatory, interactive and dynamic perspective aggregating values and creative expressions, from both cultures that reflect the identity of contemporary dance and its contribution to sociocultural transformation.