Skapande Skola

Please note, Skapande skola is a concept instigated and supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Much of Memory Wax activities are aimed at children and young people.

With our dance performances, we want to create a dialogue around the body and the imagination. We are flexible and open to ideas, and in a close dialogue with you and your school we can tailor made a unique artistic experience for pupils and students.

Here follows a few suggestions:

  • See a show and take advantage of our teacher’s guide for TRASH and / or ABC
  • Combine a performance with a workshop based on body, sensation and movement
  • Work with movement and dance around specific themes in the school

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Children and young people’s right to culture is a priority in Swedish cultural policy. Skapande skola is meant to strengthen the collaboration between the school and the professional culture. The objective is to give pupils access to various cultural forms of expression, thus increasing their own potential creativity.

Projects within Skapande skola that schools can operate:

  • Purchase of professional culture
  • Students’ own creation
  • Create places where education and culture may meet to initiate lasting cooperation

For more information reference is made to Swedish Arts Council.