Playground (working title) is a dance performance with a planned premiere during the autumn of 2021, with four artists on stage. In this piece, we want to explore group dynamics and the role of the individual in the meeting with others, through interactive elements that explore communication through games and play. What roles do we take in interacting with others? What happens when the roles or rules change? And when does a game stop being a game? Memory Wax has previously collaborated with the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos. With Playground, we will continue the collaboration in order to deepen the production’s theme in the two countries’ very different starting points.

Games and playfulness are the basic inspiration for the show and will therefore serve as a starting point that inspires and permeates the artistic creation. A large part of the development of the work will take place through interactive workshops with different organizations/groups and individuals, at different locations in the Skåne region and in Cuba. The purpose of the workshops is to create a safe environment, where we can observe and explore together to see how our behavior changes depending on the different constellations and situations we find ourselves in.

Playground’s production periods will be conducted in Havana, Cuba, with nearby locations, as well as at various places in the Skåne region. With this piece, our work, both artistically and towards our audience, will be further enriched. Our international and regional cultural exchange provides multiple dimensions and inputs to the theme of the production. The target group for this performance is young adults and adults (from 13 years and up).