Fly Me to the Moon

A new childrenshow from Memory Wax!

Rooms for trust and friendship allow us to share our dearest dreams and worst fears. How can we support eachother and see opportunities instead of obstacles?

In the performance Fly Me to the Moon, community, acceptance and imagination can be spacecrafts that takes us far into the unknown, maybe even up to the stars. Here, our dreams come true in a surprising and exciting way. Are there limits or are they just something we create? Do we dare to dream and continue to create, no matter what?

Fly Me to the Moon reflects on thoughts and memories, details and perspectives that have been lost or forgotten. A poetic dance show for children aged 5-9 years, that in a playful way approach existential questions.

What more can we create together?

Premiere 8th of February Barnens scen in Malmö, Sweden

Supported by: Barnens scen, The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region of Skåne and Malmö City.